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The most in-demand IT specialists in 2021

Research: IT and HR analytics

The list is based on the growth of salaries in the global market, the demand for specialists in the industry and the dynamics of the profession as a whole. Salary statistics for July 2021 are provided by Glassdoor.

1. Data Analyst

Analysts extract meaning from data: structure it, find patterns and draw conclusions. This information helps to make decisions, so analysts are in demand in different areas. For example, according to a LinkedIn survey, 55% of responding companies are looking for help with HR data. In order to turn raw data into useful information for the company, you will need knowledge of Python, Jupyter Notebook and SQL. By the way, this profession is a great start for development in Data Science or ML Engineering.

2. Frontend-developer

Frontend developers deal with the visual side of web- and mobile- projects, as well as their internal logic. What is important to a person who, for example, makes a purchase on the Internet? It's essential for him to see that the site "works well"! The frontend-side is responsible for this, and it ensures a high demand for frontend developers among employers. Despite the fact that JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages, there are still not enough seniors in the market who have a deep understanding of frameworks (for example, know NodeJS or ReactJS).

3. Android/IOS-developer

Developers who create apps for smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, e-readers and other mobile devices. The field of mobile development is growing steadily. More than 5 billion people worldwide use smartphones, and Statista predicts that in 2021 the total number of purchases from mobile devices will account for 53.9% of total online sales. So it’s unlikely that mobile developers in the near future will be out of work.

4. DevOps

DevOps engineers create an infrastructure that simplifies the interaction between development and operations. For example, they implement CI/CD processes and maintain tools to find bugs in deployed applications. DevOps specialists are primarily needed by large IT companies that produce a lot of products and need to automate the development, testing and release of projects. It is expected that by 2024 a full DevOps cycle in project development and release will be implemented in at least 30% of companies. By the way, during the quarantine period in 2020 alone, this market grew by 29.3%.

5. Information Security Engineer

Specialists who ensure the security of the IT infrastructure. This direction is especially relevant for companies working with large cash flows and personal data of users, such as banks, video services or social networks. According to research by Robert Half (Q3 2020), security professionals are some of the most in-demand professionals on the job market. By the way, there is a growing need not only for information security engineers but also for penetration testers, who check the strength of created systems and find vulnerabilities in them.

6. Data Scientist

Data Scientists structure and analyze large amounts of data, apply machine learning to predict events and detect non-obvious patterns. The weather forecast, facial recognition software, a list of recommended music or potential friends on social networks are all the results of Data Science. Such specialists are in demand where forecasts are needed or risks are assessed, that is, in almost any business. By the way, according to LinkedIn's 2020 report, the need for professionals working with big data and machine learning increased by 74% over the year. If you plan to grow in this direction, explore Python, Scikit, XGBoost, TensorFlow, and visualization tools from PowerBI and Tableau to Seaborn.
Despite the challenges the world faces in 2020-2021, there are many and interesting things to do in IT. Choose one of the top areas or contact us at Alex Staff Agency — we will find suitable vacancies and help you to successfully find a job.

This article is based on LinkedIn,Glassdoor, DataReportal, Statista, RobertHalf, and Alex Staff Agency's own analytics.