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Covering all staffing needs in the IT industry. Including non-technical ones.
The Client and the Challenge
Initially, we focused on finding talented engineers from Russia and the post-Soviet countries for Western companies, but our clients began to request our help in closing other positions as well.

One of the first companies who asked us to fill a non-technical role was a logistics service provider from Cyprus. At some point, it became necessary to expand the marketing department by hiring two Digital Marketers. The deadline was very tight since the technical side of the project was already done, and our focus needed to be on recognition in the market, promotion and matchmaking. We had about 6-8 weeks for both search and onboarding processes.

The company considered Russian-speaking specialists based in Cyprus, as well as those who were ready to move to the island within 2-3 months. The candidates were able to start the job remotely, so they wouldn't have to wait until the paperwork is done.
Our Help
The positions with which we've got the most extensive experience were developers and analysts. To make the search for marketers effective, we started with finding some channels that we've never used yet.

Now the pool of our sources included dedicated job sites and social network groups for marketing specialists. In parallel, we've worked on reaching out to specific candidates, primarily via Linkedins.

In total, more than 4 directions were involved in the search:
- Cypriot and Russian job boards (8 sites)
- social network groups, like Facebook (more than 50 groups)
- Telegram channels and chats for the Russian-speaking diaspora in Cyprus (12)
- LinkedIn (posting vacancies, actively searching for candidates and promoting vacancies through our communities and employee personal pages)

In 8 weeks the job post got seen by 2300 people and received 164 responses. After the first screening we've decided to proceed with 80 candidates, whom we interviewed. Of these, 34 candidates were forwarded to the client.

They interviewed 18 candidates and made the first job offer after the first ten interviews. After eight more interviews, a second suitable applicant was decided. The candidates accepted the offers and started to work once the paperwork was completed.
The Result
We found two candidates for the position of digital marketers: one from Kyiv, Ukraine and one from Moscow, Russia. Both employees successfully passed the probationary period and are still working for the company.

Having gained new experience, we began to help other clients in their search for different specialists. We've helped to hire sales managers in the EU countries, staffed a marketing department in a Saudi Arabia company and found junior technical support specialists for our client from Cyprus.

We're always interested in new partnerships and ready to search for any employees needed for your business. Good talents will bring sustainable development to your company. Feel free to reach out to us!