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5 Hard-To-Resist Reasons To Move To the Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Do you dream of moving abroad? We bet your list of preferable countries includes Germany, the UK, France, etc. These are magnificent places, no doubt about it. But there is an option that may be still better if you go into a more detailed comparison of different aspects of life.

We’ve compiled 5 reasons to encourage you to think more about the Czech Republic. Combined into one list, they make it the most attractive destination to relocate to in Europe!

5 Arguments to Settle in Czechia

Low cost of living compared to other European countries

If you work and live in Prague, you’ll have more money left for free spending than in any other place in this part of the world. Let’s have a look at 2 other capitals to see that Prague is less expensive in various aspects: renting, food, etc. According to the platform Expatistan, the difference between Prague and Berlin is about 36%. If we compare Prague and Paris, it amounts to 40%!
If you go deeper into the report by Numbeo and look at the details, you’ll see that a restaurant meal costs about €12 in Berlin and only €8 in Prague. As for renting, it’s about €890 per month in the Czech capital and €1300 in Paris.

Ideal geographic location

The Czech Republic is seated right in the middle of Europe. It neighbors Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. But this is only the beginning: you’ll easily access other places if you settle in Prague. Thanks to a great network of railways, car tracks, and plane routes, you can get anywhere in Europe pretty fast.

If you’re not restricted in your budget, go by plane: all big cities in different countries are interconnected. But sometimes it’s more convenient to use a bus or a train (they are also fast and way cheaper).

You can travel at a really low cost. For example, Flixbus offers inexpensive tickets and an opportunity to get almost anywhere. A trip from Prague to Vienna can be as cheap as €18!

Lots to see and do

You won’t get bored because Czechia has many places to enjoy. For example, you can visit castles located almost everywhere. But the most renowned one is a giant called Prague Castle: the biggest, the oldest, and the most impressive. There are many other attractive destinations to explore!

And don’t forget about numerous festivals when compiling your traveling list. These are memorable grand events that are a pleasure to participate in. For instance, the picturesque Bohemian Carnival with masquerades and parades or the Czech Beer Festival where you can taste all sorts of brews!

In case all that is not enough, remember about accessible traveling. You can quickly get to any place you want in Europe for sightseeing or to join a bright event!

Welcoming expat communities

Many foreigners choose to live in Czechia. In 2021, over 660 thousand non-local people were registered in the republic. Having moved there, they form communities (which are especially big in major cities) and help each other to settle in and adapt better. When you decide to relocate, you’ll find support and new friends.

Delicious food

Local cuisine was heavily influenced by the neighboring countries. If you eat like a Czech, your meals will be meaty, fat-enriched, and satisfying! Add a good glass of beer to get a perfect dinner.

One of the most traditional dishes is probably "vepřo knedlo zelo" (pork, dumplings, and sauerkraut). If you’re looking for the tastiest beer, you’ll need to try various brews yourself. But according to, Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrovaný is the best!

Wrapping It All Up

The Czech Republic is a great place for any foreigner. We hope we’ve managed to get you interested in this country. If you want to learn about living there more from a practical perspective, check out our article The Cost of Living in Prague. We’ve calculated how much a person needs for a cozy life in the gorgeous capital.

IT specialists have an additional incentive to go there. All because there are many international and local companies (Deloitte, Exxon, Skoda, etc.). They’re ready to hire IT talents from abroad and even provide them with relocation support.

It’s not hard to find a promising project there, get an offer, and settle in one of the country’s beautiful cities. If you need help with that or have any questions, feel free to contact us!