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2023 Trends: Technologies, Professions, Skills

Research: IT and HR analytics

How can one make any predictions with constant changes shaking the world since 2019? They simply do not keep up with the rapidly developing events and do not always correctly reflect our reality. But we have taken the fundamental spheres that will continue to evolve rapidly no matter what, as well as described competencies that specialists will always need.

Trendy Technologies 2023

AI and Machine Learning

In 2022, the AI market reached more than $119 billion, and by 2030 this sum will increase to $1597 billion! The pace of ML development is also impressive: from $21 billion in 2022, the market will soar to $209 billion by 2029.

These technologies are increasingly needed in areas like aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, as well as automotive, transportation, etc. Such giants as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, Alphabet, and others are actively investing in AI and Machine Learning.

A small American company OpenAI stepped into the spotlight the previous year. In 2022, it created a lot of hype with its project ChartGPT. This neural network is capable of writing code, creating and translating text, and even participating in a logical dialog. The product's applicability opportunities have attracted Microsoft, which plans to invest $10 billion in it.

In-demand jobs for this field in 2023 are as follows:

  • ML Engineer
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analyst


The need for cybersecurity is growing globally due to the spread of remote work practices, online services, and improvements in cyberattack schemes and tools. Experts estimate that the market will jump from $155 billion in 2022 to $376 billion by 2029.

Areas like e-commerce, IoT, AI, fintech, etc. are in great demand of security specialists. Therefore, both giant and smaller companies are investing in various cybersecurity tools and approaches. The largest providers of such services in 2023 are Check Point, CrowdStrike, CyberArk, and others.

During the previous year, many people were actively bringing up the concept of Zero-Trust Architecture (ZTA). This is a particular model for providing cybersecurity, which is based on the absolute absence of trust in any part of the perimeter. Every time you request access to resources, you have to confirm your permissions in the system.

The use of the architecture is expected to become even more widespread this year. Some of the best Zero-Trust service providers are considered Palo Alto, Cisco Zero Trust, Akamai, and others.

In-demand jobs for this field in 2023 are as follows:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Cloud Security Specialist
  • Malware Analyst


According to Strategic Market Research, the metaverse market was estimated at $47 billion in 2022. It is projected to grow to $678 billion by 2030. In what areas does this technology have the most potential? The gaming sector, education, tourism, marketing, etc.

An interesting fact: Mark Zuckerberg announced his intention to invest $150 million in the Meta Immersive Learning project back in 2021. These are virtual campuses that were planned to be launched at 10 universities in the United States. Test classes have already been held (lessons in English, history, biology, etc.), and the project continues to develop.

Another example: Gordon Ramsay's legendary show Hell's Kitchen will also conquer the realm of the metaverse (Sandbox).

In-demand jobs for this field in 2023 are as follows:

  • Metaverse Game Designer
  • Metaverse Engineer
  • Metaverse Marketing Manager

Useful Skills in 2023

We’re not going to talk about technical competencies: many people understand that constant improvement in your field is a must if you want to be in demand in the market.

It seemed more important to highlight the abilities which many professionals put aside to upgrade them sometime later. Instead, they concentrate on hard skills only. It’s not always right. We’ve compiled a list of things that will boost your job search and actual work if you invest in them!

Soft Skills

An article by SHRM about the importance of soft competencies mentions a report stating that 67% of HR professionals are willing to give preference to a candidate with excellent soft skills but weaker technical abilities.

These skills are an important addition for the professional of any stack. They help in communication, building and executing work processes, as well as in career growth.

We’ve found an interesting educational video about a specific aspect of soft competencies: communication. Here you’ll see various workplace consequences that you can land on due to bad communication skills. You’ll also get explanations on how to avoid or improve various complicated situations.


Even if you don't need this language for your current job, it's worth adding it to your list of skills to be working on. The global IT community communicates in it, and there are useful materials and news about cutting-edge technologies appearing first in English. Besides, the foreign job market will be closed if you do not have at least a B1-B2 level.

Actual Hands-On Experience

There are many junior specialists in the IT labor market today. The problem is that it is hard to find a job without real experience, especially these days. There are more cases of employers even not looking at candidates who have had only online courses (from whatever reputable educational platforms they may be). This is why some newcomers are organizing and joining pet projects to gain experience and make their CVs more attractive.
"Don't underestimate the power of networking and social connections. Beginner colleagues can support you morally, and older ones give you some insight. I know many cases when experienced developers agree to mentor newbies absolutely free of charge.

Not enough jobs? Show initiative! Make a list of interesting companies and find their contacts on their website or LinkedIn. But don't just send a CV, add a cover letter stating what exactly you can do to help – e.g., take over the routine of Senior Developers, speed up their work, etc.

If the sphere you’ve chosen to work in makes you happy, don't give up: persistent Juniors are always rewarded for dedication and catch that long-awaited offer!"

Head of Marketing
Alex Staff Agency
Polina Malashok

Willingness to Relocate

Are you ready to suddenly go to another city or even country when a cool project calls you? In recent years, employee relocation has become even more widespread. The remote format is not suitable for all companies, so mobile specialists have an advantage over competitors.
"Some companies prefer working with remote employees. But there is definitely a trend toward more relocation. Clients we've been working with for many years keep sending in requests for specialists who can move to the country they want. So do new clients. For example, we have recently signed a contract with a company with an office in Germany".

Head of Accounting
Alex Staff Agency
Anna Mikhaylichenko

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