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Employment And Relocation Abroad: 6 Stages To Go Through


Are you longing to relocate but unsure about the initial steps and the intricacies of the hiring process? We've chosen the Czech Republic, one of Europe's most sought-after countries for relocation, to guide you through the entire journey.

Why is this country so popular? Its advantageous geographical position, with proximity to several European nations, is a key factor. Moreover, the country boasts a wide range of job opportunities for IT specialists.

Without further ado, let's delve into the six stages that await you if you go for it.

Stage 1: Job Application

Find the appropriate vacancy and show us your interest in that position. How can you do it?

  1. Visit our website, explore a range of available vacancies, and fill in the form (don’t forget to add your CV)
  2. Sign up for us on social media (LinkedIn and Facebook) and check out the vacancies we publish every week (they have a high priority)

Stage 2: First Face-to-Face With Us

After receiving your resume, we will reach out to you to learn more about you as a person, your experience, and skills. During this conversation, we will discuss the working and relocation conditions in detail, as well as address any questions you may have.

Typically, these calls last around 15-30 minutes and are conducted over Skype at a time convenient for you.

Stage 3: Meeting the Company’s Representative

Once you express your willingness to proceed with the application process, we forward your resume directly to the employer. Subsequently, you will be invited to participate in interviews with the company representatives. The number of such meetings may vary based on the company's internal processes. Typically, this stage lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Throughout the screening process, your account manager remains in regular communication with you. They serve as a bridge between you and the company, promptly providing feedback and updates regarding your application's progress.

Stage 4: Waiting Period

You've completed all the necessary steps: the interviews and test assignment. Now it's up to the employer to decide who to choose for the team.
The waiting period can last anywhere from 1 to 2 months.
Why does it take so long? The company might be reviewing numerous candidates simultaneously. Interviewing, testing, and evaluating each specialist is a time-consuming process.
"Relocation matters are never speedy. The company cannot make a hasty decision; it needs to ensure the candidate is a suitable match. This is determined through various assessments, including test assignments, initial, technical, and final interviews, etc. As an example, we have been recently looking for Java Developers in the fintech sector (as there is consistently high demand for such specialists in the Czech market). The selected candidate had to wait for one month for the offer to finally come."

Head of Accounting
Alex Staff Agency
Anna Mihaylichenko
Throughout this entire process, your account manager maintains active communication, so you know what’s going on.

Stage 5: Preparing Documents

Exciting news – you've received an offer! What's the next step? You'll need to gather the necessary documents for your relocation, such as insurance, tickets, and a visa if necessary. In most cases, our clients from the Czech Republic handle this process and provide detailed instructions, covering the costs of visas, flights, and more.

Such preparations can take up to 2 months. However, during this time, you may be offered the option of remote work until everything is ready.

Stage 6: Relocation

You're all set: you have your visa (if you need it), your bags are packed, and your tickets are purchased. The only thing left is to come to the Czech Republic and begin adjusting to the new country and team. It's worth noting that employers in the Czech Republic provide free accommodation for a minimum of 2 weeks.

But our support doesn't end there! While you're on probation, we maintain communication with both you and the employer. This has proven beneficial more than once in helping candidates successfully complete their probation periods.
"We encountered a tricky situation recently with one of our candidates who was on probation. He believed that everything was going smoothly, but the employer had concerns about a perceived lack of proactivity and initiative. We reached out to the candidate and provided hints about what was expected of him in the new place. He took this feedback positively, made necessary improvements, and as a result, the employer's feedback changed. They continued working together."

Head of Accounting
Alex Staff Agency
Anna Mihaylichenko

If you don’t want to regularly monitor job openings on our website and social media, or if you're not actively searching for a position at the moment, you can still stay connected with us. Simply send your resume to, and we will add you to our database. We'll reach out to you when we come across a promising opportunity that involves relocation or remote work.

P.S. If you directly apply for a specific job, the process will be much faster:)