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Finding Accommodation In Cyprus: The Ultimate Guide


Are you planning to move to Cyprus? One of the key relocation concerns will be finding accommodation. It's important to note that the market is very turbulent due to high demand, which makes it challenging to secure an apartment or house. Nonetheless, many people are successfully finding accommodation, and so can you. In this guide, we'll provide you with helpful tips so that you know what to do.

Remote search: is it possible?

Rather no than yes. And here's why: In Cyprus, the demand for rent has increased dramatically, which has led to higher prices. More or less good options are booked in a matter of minutes.

Deals are done in a flash: If you find an apartment you like, it's best to act fast by paying a deposit, signing a contract, and obtaining the keys. So it is strongly recommended to follow this plan:

  • Check into a hotel for about two weeks

  • Rent a car (to get around quickly)

  • Search for options on the spot

3 Effective Routes To Try

So, imagine you're already in Cyprus, living in a hotel, and dreaming of renting a house/apartment for yourself and your family. Here are 3 ways to help you succeed (you can use all three at the same time):

1.Monitor ads on every possible channel, which is:

- Ad sites (Bazaraki,

- Social media (Telegram: CypRus Prop, CypRus Property + chats by city; Facebook: real estate marketplace)

- Local newspapers (some locals rent out apartments but don't want to contact agencies and don't have the gadgets to post online themselves; so buy the latest newspaper and try to contact landlords by phone)

2.Contact the agency (for example, Staycaee, Fox, Homefinder Cyprus, LivingCy, Sioferos, Arena Properties, DOM.CY, Cyprus Butterfly) or a private realtor

3.Reach out to people you know (ask for referrals on who may be renting properties or if they can recommend a reliable realtor: if you come to an arrangement, you'll get a place even before the ad appears on the market!)
Here's a useful tip: If you're unsure how to find a private realtor in Cyprus, try looking for their ads on online marketplaces and come to see houses/apartments they offer. In case they’re not suitable, ask the realtor to help you find other options that will satisfy your requirements. When a suitable property becomes available, the realtor will offer it to you first before promoting it through other channels.

What does the pricing depend on?

Old town in Limassol
The season
The period from April to October is the tourist season, so prices skyrocket. But they go down and are usually lower in November-April. The year 2022 was an exception because of the large flow of people relocating to Cyprus: even in winter the prices are quite high.

In Cyprus, landlords tend to raise prices for short-term apartment rentals (1-6 months). If you plan to stay longer, you have better chances of negotiating a more favorable deal.

City and area
In Limassol, the prices have always been higher than in other major centers. At the same time, the cost is lower in the suburbs and small villages. The remoteness of the sea and infrastructure also affects the pricing.

The condition of housing
Consider factors such as the presence or absence of furniture, the state of renovation, the year of construction, and any signs of building deterioration: sometimes it is possible to bring down the price (but with such high demand it is more difficult).

Recent Cases of Finding Accommodation in Cyprus

One of the most effective ways to master the ins and outs of renting a flat/house in Cyprus is to learn from the experiences of others.

Listen to Eugenia's story on the Proehali podcast to gain firsthand insights into the real estate situation in Cyprus. After living on the island for seven years, she was forced to switch landlords in 2022 due to the skyrocketing prices.

The founders of our agency, Maria and Alexey Sukhorukov, faced a similar situation: they also recently changed their place of residence in Cyprus. Here is a brief description of how it happened:
Photo from the co-founder of the agency - Maria Sukhorukova
  • City: Paphos (south-west of the island)
  • Requirements: a house, 4 rooms, heating, swimming pool, proximity to school, safety for children (not by the road, with a fence)
  • Location: not in the center, but close to everything (an 11-minute car ride to the sea)
  • House distinctive feature: underfloor heating (geothermal heat pump)
  • Cost: decent options are available for €1600-3500 per month
  • Deposit: two months' rent (in Limassol, it often equals three months' rent)
  • Timeline: the house was found in 2 weeks
  • Searching methods: independently and with the help of a realtor
  • Challenges: there were few options with 3+ rooms

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