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Top 10 countries for relocation in 2019/2020

Research: IT and HR analytics

In October and November the global companies as usual summed up the results and renewed the rating for the countries, that have been the most popular and comfortable for the relocation over the last year.

HSBC corporation polled more than 20 thousand expats and made up a list of 10 countries, where the satisfaction level of qualified migrants is the highest. Take a look at those, maybe one of them is the one you have been searching for.

10. Israel

Satisfied with the current job 78%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 58%

This country opens the list due to its migration policy, that makes it quite easy for Jews to move to it, as well as to a high share of hi-tech production in the economy (about 30%). IT-market is represented not only by small companies and startups, but also by representative offices of such giants as Oracle, Apple, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft. For instance Microsoft has 3 offices in the country and Intel has 5.

9. Panama

Satisfied with the current job 76%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 53%

This country in Latin America is believed to become the " new Singapore". Over the last years the government realizes a special program for business support and development. Taking into account quite liberal tax system in comparison to the EU and US, and tax free for the for foreign-source income, the companies continue to open offices here, so the demand for qualified specialists stays at a high level.

8. Taiwan

Satisfied with the current job 68%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 65%

This island state is located in the Pacific Ocean and is separated from China by 150 km and political arguments. On one hand the island is a self-government in the People's Republic of China, on the other it is a part of other self-styled state Republic of China. One way or another it is a motherland of many top-rank software developers, as well as a very prosperous land – less than 1% of the citizens live below the poverty line. Development of IT-sphere is supported by the government, that even has special platform (vTaiwan), where digital communities voice opinions and suggest decisions in the field of digital policies in the country. And it actually affects the political decisions in the country.

7. Estonia

Satisfied with the current job 67%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 57%

This country was the first to introduce the electronic voting system and citizenship, that's the county where the Skype was introduced and digital-trends are paid a lot of attention to. In Estonia migrants can receive all the benefits of the Schengen zone and at the same time the cost of life is considerably low (for instance, much cheaper than in Germany). Also, there is a shortage of local qualified IT specialists (this economy sector is rapidly developing), which leads to quite comfortable atmosphere for relocation. As a bonus Estonia is the most ecologically friendly part of Europe (forests occupy around 50% of the territory), and its capital Tallinn is the best historically preserved city.

6. Norway

Satisfied with the current job 53%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 64%

Small and quiet country with high living standard and good ecological situation is the best choice for people, who love nature, winter sports, camping and rafting. Also, this country is comfortable for people with families and kids, since it has the best social security in the EU. According to the data from Norwegian HR agencies there is a high demand for IT specialists in the local companies. Nevertheless, moving here without job is not a good idea since the cost of life is high and legal issues are quite complicated. It is better to look for a job in advance and relocate only after receiving the job offer.

5. The Netherlands

Satisfied with the current job 69%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 61%

There is a high demand for IT specialists here. Nevertheless the priority is given to the Dutchmen, then to the EU citizens and only after those to the foreigners. Local universities can't provide enough IT specialists and this area is the most liable in order to receive the work permit in the country. The country provides good social programs and all European advantages, but has high taxes and cost of life.

4. Germany

Satisfied with the current job 69%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 65%

Germany has stayed in the various relocation lists for many years. Traditionally high level of life, social and economic development and quite spacious country, that allows to have a choice. It's cheaper than Nordic countries, but more expensive than Eastern Europe. Also, there is a big difference between large cities and small towns. The country is even more attractive for IT developers, since they can apply for the Blaue Karte EU, that makes it possible to receive the residence permit in 33 months. In case you language level is B1 even in 21 month. Blaue Karte can be issued only to the qualified specialists with degree certificate valid in Germany.

3. Luxembourg

Satisfied with the current job 74%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 64%

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world. The population is around 600 thousand people. Nevertheless, this country usually is in the TOP of the world economies in terms of salaries and level of life. Minimal salary is one of the highest in the world and amounts to 1921 euro. The average salary for the IT specialists with 4-5 years of experience is 7300 euro. There are not a lot of vacancies and the competition is quite high.

2. The Czech Republic

Satisfied with the current job 73%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 68%

This country is one of the most familiar to anyone, thinking about the relocation to Europe. It is budget-friendly (sometimes the cost of life is even cheaper than in the large Russian cities), due to the use of the Czech koruna instead of the Euro, while obtaining all the advantages of the EU. Ancient architecture, established infrastructure, cheap trips with the Schengen zone. The Russian expatriate community is quite well developed here. IT market is rapidly developing in the country and the local universities are not able to provide enough specialists. That's why usually there are a lot of vacancies for the developers, especially for Middle+ level and higher.

1. Vietnam

Satisfied with the current job 74%

Satisfied with the carrier opportunities 68%

Quite unexpected, isn't it? Well, really it is not. In September 2018 the Prime-minister made a statement with the call for the assistance to the business in the process of Vietnam development as Asian IT center. It was popular among the IT developers before. Some of those were looking for the paradise coast and ability to work at the beach. Others searched for the perspective of developing of the new markets. Both are in excess here. According to the evaluation of the experts Vietnam now requires 3 times more IT developers, than local universities can provide. If you were looking for the perspectives, you can find them here.

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