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10 reasons to hire a developer from Ukraine

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Ukrainian developers are some of the strongest IT-specialists in the world today - #11 in the top 50, according to HackerRank. A high level of proficiency in English, the study of new technologies (AI, big data, blockchain, etc.), and deep technical knowledge are serious advantages of Ukrainian developers. As a result, more and more large international companies want to cooperate with them. In this article, we will describe 10 more reasons to hire IT specialists from Ukraine.

To begin with, software development is one of the most popular fields in this country. In 2017, the developers' market in Ukraine expanded by 27%, and by 2020 there were already more than 185,000 IT-specialists. And according to some reports, that number will exceed the 200,000 mark by the end of 2021.

In 2021 alone Alex Staff Agency received requests from more than 20 customers interested in recruiting IT-specialists from Ukraine. After such a volume of requests, we decided to highlight 10 good reasons to start working with Ukrainian developers.

Educational level

Here we should pay tribute to universities in Ukraine, which annually update the training programs of IT-specialists. In addition, Ukraine has a high level of training in mathematical disciplines that is recognized around the world. Each year, more than 36,000 students graduate with a degree in IT across the country. Students and graduates regularly reach the top positions in international competitions, thus confirming the high level of education.

The background of the IT field in the country

The Ukrainian IT industry began to rapidly develop in the early 1990s in Kyiv, and later the IT industry took over the country more widely. The first companies initially worked in a startup format. They learned to adapt and use any discoveries of competitors in software development. Today, the IT industry in Ukraine is such a dynamic setting that IT people follow this rhythm even at the stage of training or first internships. Such a skill is a good competitive advantage.

English Proficiency Level

In Ukraine, 80% of technicians speak English at an average or high level. Ukrainians who work in IT and do not know English are very rare because Ukrainian companies often provide training for their employees and offer free courses. (Statistics -

Relationship with the United States

Ukrainian IT specialists have a trick up their sleeve, unlike Russian and Belarusian ones when it comes to working with American companies. These situations are quite rare, but they still happen: when compensation is charged for developers' work in Russia, American customers can get into a lot of trouble with the fiscal authorities. Payments with Ukrainian developers are much faster and easier.

Working conditions

Ukraine is loyal to foreign companies and provides good conditions for work in the local market. In turn, companies allow Ukrainian IT specialists to work internationally, improve their English and develop professionally. All of this makes a specialist most in demand.

A number of specialists

The community of IT-specialists in Ukraine is more than 185,000 people (we described the details at the beginning of the article). This factor is in the list of advantages of the Ukrainian IT specialist for many reasons, starting from experience exchange and up to a strong influence on the development of IT-industry and professional level of developers.

Quality standards

Companies are willing to pay Ukrainian developers more for quality. The median salary of a programmer in Ukraine for the summer of 2021 is $2990. If Europe and America are good in sales, it is Ukraine that business turns to for competent market expertise and in-depth knowledge in development. This fact is confirmed by many companies. All feedback about the work of Ukrainian developers could be summarized as follows: "We ordered an ordinary cake from you, but you made a culinary masterpiece, and even put a cherry on top."

Freedom of movement

Ukraine welcomes foreign companies on its territory, while the European Union and the United States welcome its citizens on theirs. What this means: the visa application system to Europe and the USA for Ukrainians is much easier than for Belarusians and Russians. And this is a serious argument in favor of an IT specialist from Ukraine for some companies.

Working hours

The time difference between Ukraine and Europe is only 1 hour, which allows employees in different countries to work and communicate smoothly. An additional advantage is that a direct flight from Ukraine to major European cities will not take more than 2-3 hours.

Taxes and opportunities

Ukraine has a convenient and easy system for becoming a sole proprietor, as well as low taxes for individual entrepreneurs. It is much easier for companies to hire remote developers who are easy to employ and have no difficulties with the contract and payment.

Surely a properly built system of hiring an IT-specialist can guarantee the quality of the programmer's work and the cleanliness of the code. We don't claim that only Ukrainian developers can solve the problems of companies. However, all other things being equal, they do have many advantages, which should not be ignored. We will be happy to continue cooperating with Ukrainian specialists and recommend candidates to top companies.

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