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The most popular countries for moving abroad in 2020


Last year we published a list of countries which are the most comfortable and popular to immigrate to. It was based on 2019 data and included a forecast for the next year. But 2020 was destined to mess up all possible forecasts, even the most accurate ones.

This year, the number of searches on Google has increased dramatically. From January to October 2020, users asked the search engine the question "How to move abroad" 39% more often compared to last year.

Having analyzed the data and frequency of requests, one can identify the leading countries to which the most people want to move. The creators of the Remitly payment system went further and analyzed the data of users from 101 countries. This made it possible to study in detail not only where people want to move but from where as well.

Top 10 Countries In The World To Immigrate To

Canada has become an absolute leader. This country has established itself long ago as one of the safest places in the world and it is also known for its low unemployment rate. Friendly locals, picturesque landscapes, and many immigration options also explain why so many people want to move to Canada.

The global ranking looks like this:

  1. Canada (most people from 30 countries want to move here)
  2. Japan (this is a leader among residents of 13 countries including natives of Canada)
  3. Spain (people from 12 countries want to move there, Barcelona with its high level of development and mild climate is considered to be an attractive center)
  4. Germany (people from 8 countries want to immigrate there, this country has been included in all sorts of immigrants rankings for many years)
  5. Qatar (people come here from 6 countries, mainly Asian ones, in search of high salaries, no taxes, and futuristic skyscrapers of Doha)
  6. Australia (being a leader among the natives of 5 countries, this country also often appears in immigrants rankings due to its unique climate, landscapes, and high standard of living)
  7. Switzerland (people from 4 countries people mainly want to move to the capital of chocolates, banks, and high income)
  8. Portugal (most desirable country to move to for residents of 3 countries)
  9. USA (surprisingly, only 2 countries which took part in the survey ranked the United States first)
  10. United Kingdom (people from 2 countries dream of immigrating there).

Where Europeans Want To Immigrate To

Germany is the most popular migrant destination for EU citizens. The country's advantages include an excellent universal health care system, a thriving economy, fantastic public transport system, low crime rates, a clean environment, and excellent job opportunities.

Canada is the close second followed by five European countries including France and Belgium listing it as their top pick.

Residents of the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland do not mind moving to Spain while the Spaniards themselves dream of France.

The USA is the leader of Russian requests.

Where Residents Of America Want To Immigrate To

Residents of 8 countries in North and Central America choose Canada as the best country for immigration. As for inhabitants of Canada, they prefer Japan. So do the citizens of the United States. Japan is probably chosen for its reputation as a country with high levels of security, job opportunities, and high quality of life.

The inhabitants of Costa Rica, Panama, and El Salvador want to move to Spain.

In South America, the rating was calculated separately, otherwise Spain would have won. In the region, residents of 6 countries have chosen it as a priority country for relocation. In addition to these 6 countries, there is only data about Brazil. Portugal is the leader there. Probably, the reason is a similar language and culture, a comfortable climate, and a higher quality of life than.

Where Residents Of Asia Want To Immigrate To

Immigrants from Southeast Asia and Indonesia are mostly interested in moving to Japan which makes it the preferred option for the whole continent.

However, many Middle Eastern and Arab countries, such as Jordan and Lebanon, seem to prefer Qatar. As we wrote in the overall ranking, the country has high salaries, no taxes, and the standard of living is quite high, especially in Doha. So it's easy to understand why this option is so popular.

Where Residents Of Africa Want To Immigrate To

Apparently Canada has won again! 14 African countries including Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa have shown the greatest interest in moving there. It goes without saying that the country's diverse population and impressive economic opportunities look attractive, especially when so many states are going through financial problems. Portugal is in second place although it tops the list of only two countries on our list.

It should be emphasized that many countries in Africa have not been examined at all. Probably due to the low standard of living in these countries, it is not possible to focus on them properly.

Where Residents Of Oceania Want To Immigrate To

New Zealand and Fiji have chosen each other as their favorites - New Zealanders probably value a more economical and relaxed lifestyle in Fiji, while Fijians are striving for the abundance of work and living opportunities available in New Zealand. Australia, meanwhile, is another country that is mainly exploring the possibility of moving to Japan.

What do you think of the statistics? To be honest, the team and I were even a little surprised. For example, Japan as well as other Asian countries does not appear often in migrants rankings.

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