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Global IT - employment market 2019

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What technologies are most demanded today in the IT and which specialists we are looking for most often — see below.

What specialists are on-fire abroad?

Foreign companies usually search for employees either by terms of professional networks (such as Linkedin or Xing (it also has s section devoted to vacancies) or with the help of recruitment agencies. Especially, this rule applies to those, who are ready to build and international team, including the developers from various countries, for instance, Russia and CIS. can offer more than 26 thousand vacancies for developers globally, most of them located in Europe and the USA.

The most popular are Java (8500+), C++/C# (5500+) and Python (1100+).

The top-3 most popular IT technologies by number of vacancies:

  • DevOps (4000+)
  • Front-End (3500+)
  • QA (1600+)

The largest international agency Randstad offers more than 1600 vacancies for developers. Most of them are located in the USA (470+), Great Britain (300+) and Canada (180+). In Europe you can find about 500 open vacancies.

Here the most popular are:

1.JavaScript 740+
2. Mobile (Android/iOS) 590+
3. Java 560+
4. C++/C# 250+
5. Python 110+

Also, a lot of vacancies are posted for QA (480+) and DevOps (350+).

Our experience

We have been in the relocation business in Europe and Asia for more than 2 years so far. Over this period we have worked with various IT vacancies , provided by employers from 9 countries and 15 cities. 48 candidates have received an offer and moved to live and work abroad.

Thus let's discuss, who has more chances to receive an offer with relocation:

  • Java is the absolute leader in our agency, corresponds to more than 30% of all the open vacancies in international companies located in Czech Republic and Latvia.

  • Web/Full Stack holds about 25% of our vacancies. Including PHP, Python, JavaScript and Node.js. Currently there are 6 open vacancies. You can take a look at them with the link.

  • QA is the area most popular among the candidates. About 15% of all the vacancies belong to it. Over the last year we have successfully closed 7 vacancies and expect more demands from our clients. It's important to mention, that often QA is required in combination with Java, C# or Python.

  • С++ is one of the most stable and interesting technologies in Alex Staff Agency, since traditionally European employers expect more than 3-5 years of experience, as well C++ (11/14), STL, Boost and ability to work on high-demanding projects. Currently we have 4 open vacancies with different requirements in Czech republic and Germany. Please, use the link.
  • DevOps is not just a system administrator but an absolutely different specialist. In the foreign companies the high expectations are imposed not only to technical knowledge but to management skills as well. Despite the complexity and demands we have closed 2 positions for DevOps engineers, who are currently in transit to Cyprus.

  • We don't have so many open positions for Mobile, and those, we have, are quite different from traditional for Russian market in terms of additional requirements. For instance in Larnaca we're looking for the candidates, that despite the Android-development are familiar with Java.

  • About 20% of all the vacancies are not directly for the developers. You can find such as product owner,analytics, HR, consulting for various products of global IT-companies and even top-management. All of them require more than 5 years of professional experience and fluent English.

What professionals are the most popular?

In the beginning we have discussed what are the most popular offers at the market. Now, we shall move to the positions with the highest competition.

The largest platform Stack Overflow has an annual poll of the IT specialists. In 2019 more than

90 000 people took part in it.

The image of the developer is made based on the answers. It helps us a lot to understand , what specialists are more popular. As for the employee, the poll provides information , in which area the competition is more rough, since there will be more people, willing to get the position.

Top 5 programming languages are the following:

  1. JavaScript — 67.8%
  2. HTML/CSS — 63.5%
  3. SQL — 54.4%
  4. Python — 41.7%
  5. Java — 41.1%

IT trends in 2019:

  • Python has become the fastest growing language. The demand for Python developers is increasing,especially in the leading American and European companies.

  • DevOps and website security specialists have the highest salaries in IT and are the most satisfied with their current job.

  • Javascript has been the leader for the last 7 years, whereas Python has outpolled PHP, C# and Java over the last 2 years.

  • In case you work with Web, the most popular frameworks are JQuery (48,7%) and React.js (31,3%).

  • More than a half of the surveyed use Node.js.

  • Database specialists prefer MySQL (54,0%)

Over the last year we have interviewed 1364 candidates. Out of those 715 have passed the primary shortlisting and can seek the job abroad in the nearest future.

We work with more than 20 IT areas and can safely say that professional with any stake can find a well-paid job abroad.

We advise you to improve not only professional skills, but English as well, since you will need it in case of relocation. Most of the teams in Europe and the US are international, that's why English has became the global language both for professional and personal needs.

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