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4 reasons to work with developers from Russia

Research: IT and HR analytics

1. Highly qualified

Many well-qualified technical universities and strong Math-oriented education. Team from Russia often rank high in ACM-ICPC World Finals.

2. Good choice of specialists

Every year 200 000 developers graduate from Russian universities. Also there are a lot of IT-camps for teenagers and IT-schools for young developers.

3. Developed communication skills

Russians usually easily learn foreign languages and establish contact with people from other countries. Many Russian specialists study in the university using the foreign language sources, and learn English since their childhood. Also, since Russia is a multinational country, it helps to form the tolerance to cultural differences in future.

4. Cost optimization

Salary for developers from Russia usually is lower than for Europeans or Americans (given the same professional background)

Thank you for your reply and advice. If course we keep focusing on positive qualities of Russian specialists, such as education and ability to be really hard-working. Maybe you can advise some other ones that we can add to our list. Nevertheless, I would like to empathize, that we specialize in relocation of IT specialists, that due to their profession are more open-minded , thus less a subject to negative stereotypes, you mentioned before.

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