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Toonbox is a large animation studio headquartered in Cyprus with Russian origins. They created Mr. Freeman project, as well as Om-Nom Stories, "Kitties, Go!" and "Kumi Kumi. Their series have collected 4 billion views on Youtube alone.

In March 2018, Toonbox decided to release a new adult animated project and make it the best and world-famous. The new project is called Take My Muffin!

About the plot

Some words from the authors:
"What if you're a talking unicorn who wakes up after a car accident with absolutely no memory? And yet some thugs are already trying to kill you! However, the good news is that you have the superpower to spontaneously generate ingenious startup ideas. And the extravagant three-eyed businessman cat named Rock promises to get your memory back if you work on his team. Well, of course, you're on board!"
Take My Muffin is a journey into an alternate version of Silicon Valley, but a layered version of it. At the top, a really hilarious comedy; underneath, a layer about startups, investments, business rules, and beyond that begins a tangle of very deep and hidden meanings, interwoven with the most extraordinary stories you can think of!

Check out the teasers here:

About the format

Take My Muffin is the first animated 2D series to be released with the support of the crypto community. This enabled the studio to move away from the classic format when releasing, oriented for TV broadcasts and streaming. The series is funded by the IT community, which means it is free of the on-air restrictions, templates, and rules that are now an essential attribute of any TV production.

To date, three seasons of 10 episodes each are scheduled for 690 minutes of animation. Take My Muffin's basic package includes 4 languages: American English, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

About going on the air

At the present time, a teaser has been published online. The project has already received positive feedback from Silicon Valley investors, the cryptocurrency community, and a number of media groups and media outlets.

An exclusive contract was signed with Premier and 2X2 for the exclusive licensing and screening of the series on the territory of Russia and the CIS.

In addition to the series, there are NFT collections with the characters, and the Take My Muffin project itself is ranked in the TOP-5 on many NFT venues, including Binance.

Three seasons of the series have now been spelled out: storylines, unique project start-ups, characters, and motivations for their behavior. It's time to work directly on the animation of the series! The first season of the project comes out in 2022, the second season in 2023, and the third season in 2024.

Experts from different countries are already working on the project: USA, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, India, UK, Canada, Cyprus, etc. Colleagues communicate in Russian and English. But there is a lot of work to do and the company is ready to hire many more professionals in the field of adult 2D animation.

Do you wanna be a part of the project? Attach your portfolio in the form below or send it to a dedicated email: