Alex Staff Agency

Hit It On The First Try

How we filled a DIS position with the very first candidate we’ve presented
The Client and The Challenge
We were contacted by the team of an international delivery service looking for a Director of Information Security. The company was active and had offices in several countries, and now they needed an exceptional specialist who can anticipate all potential vulnerabilities and keep this complex system from any data leakage.
Our help
This case became unique due to the fact that we managed to close the position after submitting our very first candidate in two days since the work started. Usually the search for rare specialists takes weeks or even months.

Our task was complicated by the following:
  • candidate was expected to be willing to relocate to Cyprus
  • future employee was to build a security team from scratch, that’s why they had to have experience in both team building and management
  • experience in working with international ISO standards was a must too

A few months before that, we were helping another client of ours to find a similar specialist, but the requirements were slightly less demanding. They didn’t have a clear understanding of how to evaluate a cybersecurity leader and how much to pay such specialists. We prepared some blind CVs of suitable candidates, shared general criteria and compiled a ranking of salary expectations of specialists with the required skills.

By the time the delivery service reached out to us, we already knew the cybersecurity market and even had a very good pool of candidates to pick from. One of those candidates stood out for his substantial work experience in international companies and great social skills. He kept in touch with our agency and showed his readiness to relocate.

That person became our first choice candidate. With his permission, we sent his resume the day after we started working on the position. Our client liked the resume and scheduled an interview for the same week. The final interview, meeting with the top managers, and a job offer quickly followed.
The Result
The candidate started work once he finished his previous project. After the successful completion of a probationary period he got a 10 percent raise, and now receives performance bonuses consistently. The candidate himself is happy with the company and the tasks assigned to him, and thanks us for our help.

Our customer is also happy with the employee, and since then, they’ve requested our help with their other positions several times. That was one of those times when we’ve found an employee and a company that are perfect for each other. A match at first sight!