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Employment and Relocation to the Czech Republic
The process of searching for a job in the Czech Republic consists of 6 steps
Have you been dreaming for a long time of moving to the Czech Republic, one of the most immigrant-friendly countries with a wide range of job offers and close proximity to other European countries?

We will help you realize your dream! You only need to follow 6 steps to find a job and relocate.
Step 1

You apply for a suitable job in the Czech Republic on our website All you need to do is to fill out a form with your current CV.

Step 2

After we receive your CV we contact you to get acquainted and to discuss all details about the conditions of work and relocation and to answer all your questions.

Usually the call takes 15-30 minutes and takes place via Skype at a convenient time for you.

Step 3

After discussing all the details and your willingness to show up at the company, we send your resume to our customer in the Czech Republic. Different jobs require different stages of interviews, usually taking 2 to 3 weeks.

During the selection process within the company, our account manager keeps in touch with you and promptly relays feedback from the employer.

Step 4

Waiting for a decision from the employer for 1-2 months. But it's worth it! You are still in touch with the account manager.

Step 5

After the offer, you will be prepared with all the paperwork for the move. This can take about 2 months.

Step 6

You are in the Czech Republic!
We wish you a great start in a European company and a quick adaptation to the new place of residence!

If you don't want to browse vacancies, send your CV to
+357 (260) 100 76