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Cyprus, Limassol
An international delivery service actively expanding into the Middle East and Africa is looking for a DBA with expertise in Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

The company is also developing several international e-commerce and digital projects in the MENA region.

The office is located in Limassol. You will be able to start working remotely, and then move to Cyprus after a few months.
Salary: from 5000 EUR (gross)
Experience: 5+ years
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Database Administrator
  • 5+ years of experience in ensuring AWS RDS PostgreSQL availability under heavy load
  • Extensive knowledge of AWS RDS PostgreSQL functionality, operational limits, troubleshooting and monitoring tools, and methods
  • Experience in building horizontally-distributed RDS PostgreSQL farms
  • Experience in setting up and maintaining sync\async replication for RDS PostgreSQL across the farm
  • Experience in collaboration with the development team to optimize current code and verify that new code meets performance
Will be a plus:
  • Experience in applying rate-limit techniques for DB queries in distributed transactions system environment with RDS PostgreSQL
  • Experience in building SQL-query requests routing and rewriting solutions under heavy load with RDS PostgreSQL as DB
Mandatory requirements:
  • Fluent English
  • Degree in CS or related field
The company can offer you:
  • Relevant salary, from 5000 euros (gross), negotiable with relevant candidate
  • Relocation package
  • Comfortable office in Limassol
  • Highly qualified and energetic team
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