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Building a startup team from scratch for uDelta

About uDelta:

A fast-growing startup that develops a global payroll solution.
They take care of all the paperwork, liaise with executors, and deliver payroll services across Europe, North America, Latin America, CIS countries, Asia, and Africa.
Headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus.

Period of partnership: 1 year

The callenges solved:

  • 1
    Building a startup team from scratch
    When we started to work with uDelta, the company had just a handful of employees. Hiring for a startup comes with its own challenges: uDelta needed motivated, proactive talents ready to take on heavy workloads. Yet, they also had to be affordable specialists with the necessary skills.
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    Implementing professional testing to find the best talents
    At Alex Staff Agency, we've taken on the task of crafting test assignments for candidates and making sure that they completed them successfully.. For instance, when hiring for an accountant role, we enlisted a finance expert to thoroughly evaluate candidates.
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    Fintech Specialists Fluent in English wanted
    uDelta specifically requested from Alex Staff Agency highly skilled candidates with expertise in Fintech and a strong command of the English language.

Collaboration in numbers:

Alex Staff Agency has successfully filled 4 positions:
Sales Manager
Project Manager
Business Development Manager
And our recruitment efforts in Cyprus are ongoing.
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