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A recruitment success story with Clever Craft

About Clever Craft:

Clever Craft is a well-known European bespoke IT Services company with offices in Slovenia and the USA.
The company has been operating in the market for about 7 years, working mainly with American and European partners and customers. Clever Craft's customers include multinational technological companies known worldwide.

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Period of partnership: 3 years

The callenges solved:

  • 1
    Full responsibility for the recruiting process
    Alex Staff Agency became Clever Craft's go-to recruitment agency as they currently have no internal recruiting department. Therefore, the responsibility for timely hiring rests entirely with the Alex Staff Agency team.
  • 2
    Ongoing search for stack-specific candidates
    Some positions require finding candidates with a specific skill set; for example, we frequently recruit candidates with experience in the Vanilla JS framework.
  • 3
    The company is growing by leaps and bounds
    Clever Craft services are in high demand, as they are taking on an increasing number of projects and growing their existing client base. As a result, they constantly require Alex Staff Agency’s help to recruit talents as quickly as possible.

Collaboration in numbers:

In total, we've filled over 30 positions for Clever Craft.
With most talents being highly skilled professionals with 3+ years of experience:
Full-Stack JS Developer
Vanilla JS Developer
Frontend Developer
Data Scientist
Middle Power BI Developer
Database SQL Developer
Project Manager
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