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Brain Rocket: Software Development Company of The Future

About Brain Rocket:

The rocket-speed software company has taken Cyprus by storm over the last few years. With 670 talented individuals on board, Brain Rocket is dedicated to generating innovative ideas and products that push boundaries. Some of these talents were acquired through the Alex Staff Agency.

The company's ambitious aim is to establish Cyprus as a leading software hub in South-Eastern Europe. Alex Staff Agency also takes great pride in contributing to this transformative process.

The callenges solved:

  • 1
    Exponential growth that required multiple candidates
    Between 2021 and 2024, Brain Rocket saw rapid growth, handling numerous projects at once. This expansion stretched the internal HR department, requiring simultaneous searches for multiple candidates. With the help of Alex Staff Agency, Brain Rocket ensured top-tier candidates were swiftly provided.
  • 2
    Fast respond to the high standards of the candidates requested
    The team leads maintain high standards for prospective employees, asking for a diverse pool of candidates from which to select. So, the HRs must consistently maintain a sizable database of potential staff.
  • 3
    No time to wait
    Time is money, so company management always emphasizes the importance of minimizing downtime wherever possible.
  • 4
    Support of relocation processes to Cyprus
    Despite BR’s appeal as a company, desired candidates often hesitate to relocate to Cyprus. Thus, it is crucial to educate candidates about Cyprus and offer comprehensive support and information to facilitate their transition.

The goals achieved together:

Relief for the Internal HR Department:
  • 11
    QA Specialists
  • 6
    Frontend & Markup Developers
  • 1
     Application Security Lead
  • 1
    Senior Node.js Developer
  • 1
    IT Recruiter
Resolving Relocation Challenges:
  • 10
    Employees relocated
And our recruitment efforts are ongoing.
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