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The challenge of reaching the Top 3
Aram Meem LTD and its innovative app

About Aram Meem:

Aram Meem is a fast-expanding IT company in Saudi Arabia. Recently, it embraced a significant challenge: to evolve from a fledgling start-up into a premier IT entity within just seven years. This journey culminated in the elevation of its ground-breaking application to the top three in the country, marking a vital achievement for the nation's progress.

Their brainchild, ToYou, is an e-commerce platform with a mobile application that offers a wide range of services, including shopping, food delivery, courier services, people transportation, and logistics solutions.

Challenges Addressed Together:

  • 1
    Essential Partner in Aram Meem's Formative Stages
    Aram Meem began as a small startup and relied on Alex Staff Agency to build its team from the ground up. Without internal HR specialists, Alex Staff Agency became the primary recruitment resource. Now that Aram Meem has expanded and has internal HR specialists, the company continues to value this partnership.
  • 2
    Efficient and Flexible Hiring Processes
    Aram Meem aimed to create the first app in Saudi Arabia for logistical services, necessitating top-tier professionals capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously. This required a swift and adaptable recruitment process.
  • 3
    Consistently Sourcing World-Class Talent
    Aram Meem’s C-level managers maintained rigorous standards for potential employees, necessitating a diverse pool of candidates. Additionally, specific IT positions presented unique challenges due to their specialized requirements.
  • 4
    Facilitating Relocation to Cyprus (Home to Our IT Office)
    Some candidates were hesitant to relocate to Cyprus. To assist them, we provided comprehensive information to ease the transition and help them feel confident in their new environment.
  • 5
    Recruiting Talent for the Saudi Arabia Office
    In addition to hiring IT staff for the Cyprus office, we also supported Aram Meem in recruiting for various positions that required Saudi Arabian residency, including business development managers.

The hired staff in numbers

  • 32
    IT Specialists (primarily skilled in Java | Python | mobile development, QA & Analytics)
  • 5
    Top Management
  • 4
    Other Specialists
Saudi Arabia:
  • 3
    Sales Managers
  • 2
    Other Specialists
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