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The Czech Republic, Praga/Pilsen
A company that develops telematics platforms for fleets is looking for a Angular Developer to join their team.

The company has been on the market since 2010 and currently develops and operates a system to improve fleet transportation management. The system consists of four components: an on-board unit, a web portal, software applications and an online store.

Software development for the system focuses on diagnostics, economy and safety of vehicle management. The software applications are developed in-house or by third-party developers using a software development kit, also called an SDK.

You are offered relocation to the Czech Republic, Praga/Pilsen.
Salary: up to 3000 EUR net + bonuses
Experience: 4+ years
Work shedule: full-time
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Angular Developer
Your future tasks:
  • Develop the user interface according to the specification
  • Collaborate with marketing department as well as backend developers on API development
  • Integrate third-party solutions and applications
  • 4+ years of experience as an Angular Developer
  • Knowledge of UI development
  • Higher education in IT
  • English C1+
  • Experience with technologies such as CSS, SASS, Flex Layout
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, React, Node.js
 The company offers you:
  • Salary up to 3000 EUR net + quarterly bonuses
  • Further salary increases
  • Indefinite contract
  • Full payment for the relocation process (visa, tickets, insurance)
  • Provision of a corporate apartment for the first months of work
  • Corporate SIM card with a budget of 40 euros/month
  • Covering travel expenses up to 140 euros
  • Multisport card for various sport clubs in the Czech Republic
  • Free tickets to the Prague Zoological Garden and Prague Botanical Garden
  • Specialized training at the expense of the employer
  • Mentoring program
  • Corporate events
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